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Life of Fred

... As Serious as It Needs to Be.

Life of Fred Mathematics

A Few Testimonials and Rave Reviews


Not instructions, just a truly heartfelt thank you to each person who helped. You make the word a better place. Fred is so fun my kids requested these!


Thank you! We love LOF!


My girls have been doing the first series of Fred books and loving them. We can't wait to continue to the next books.


I might add my 16 yr old son loves. He was getting bored with his other stuff and really enjoys the Fred books and is also surprised at how much he's learning even in the earlier level books I got for review. Thanks!


I purchased the Beginning Algebra for my son and it is working wonderfully - no complaints from him. It's still Math, but he doesn't mind it. Will be wanting others.


Life of Fred is a hoot. The boys have just finished the first 5 chapters, and have done well learning the concepts. Learning math, literary terms and life skills are fun the Fred Way. My sister who teaches high school math wants to see the book now. ... The life skills and literary terms are unforgettable. Onomatopoeia, and hyperbole are now part of family jokes. My boys look forward to Life of Fred time!


My son and I LOVE Fred! He has become such a great addition to our family, and we couldn't imagine life without him.


My son and I both love Life of Fred series. We both think that is one of the most hilarious books we've ever read!


In my family we are huge fans of Life of Fred (we own most of your books--I see you have a few new ones for me to acquire). We started using it as homeschoolers and continue to use it as enrichment and review as public school students. I frequently recommend it to families with verbally gifted children who struggle to find math engaging. It has been the secret to math engagement for my verbally gifted son.