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Math to fit your personal style
and unique students.

Life of Fred

... As Serious as It Needs to Be.

Life of Fred Mathematics

Life of Fred: Statistics
(A Year of College Statistics)

Life of Fred Statistics
Life of Fred:
Statistics Expanded

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This book contains more statistics than is usually taught in a college course. It covers...

Unlike most other math programs, this one also has:
• One morning in the life of Fred in which he encounters the need for each of the 46 tests
• The flowcharts in the Emergency Statistics Guide lead you quickly to which test to use, which table to read and where to find the test described in detail in the book
• Each test is catalogued in detail on a separate page in the Field Guide Easy-to-read tables

All answers are included in the textbook.

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Life of Fred Statistics is a hardcover textbook containing 576 pages. This book is not consumable. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook.

Number of Lessons: One year of college statistics. This book is not broken up into lessons. For high school seniors, finishing the first five chapters (203 pages) will give a solid grounding in statistics.